True Mother's Prayer

December 6, 2016

We offer this as a place where people can learn about True Parents’ history and the results of their achievements and a place where they can repent and resolve to follow True Parents’ way in order to make Heavenly Parent’s dream come true. In doing so, this nation can fulfill its responsibilities as the providential Elder Son Nation. Father, Heavenly Parent, please receive this happily.

Please move the hearts of all members and visitors who come here, so that this people and the world can absolutely receive Heaven’s Will during True Parents’ lifetime. I pray that this can be the starting point for the Unification movement in America and the people of this nation to move toward that day—the day when the Kingdom of Heaven is realized and all people become citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

Upcoming Projects

The first official tours will be taking place during the 55th Day of All True Things FamilyFest on May 28, but we still have much planned for the development of the museum.

Funds raised will go toward:

  • Renovating the solarium for special displays
  • Renderings and construction of a donors’ memorial wall
  • Repaving the entry road
  • Display cases and timeline wall
  • Developing the collection database
  • Collecting documents, materials, and oral histories
  • Developing a team of tour guides
We would be interested in talking with anyone who has professional museum training or work experience. Write to:

General Info

50 E Sunnyside Lane,
Irvington, NY 10533

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